Forco Feed Supplement

Forco Suplemento Alimenticio

Premium Alfalfa

Custom Swathing
and Baling

South Cross Farms
P.O. Box 1537 · Panhandle, TX 79068 · Phone: 1-866-829-7353

Here at Southcross Farms we cater to our horse owners. We grow premium horse quality hay and we are exclusive dealers (in Texas and New Mexico) for FORCO Feed Supplement, a digestive aid for horses.

The soils in the Panhandle of Texas provide excellent fertility for growth and feed value development. The climate provides high daytime temperatures for curing and good nighttime moisture for baling. Both a necessity if you are to get truly horse quality alfalfa hay bales.

  • Premium Quality Alfalfa
  • FORCO Feed Supplement
  • Custom Swathing and Baling