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P.O. Box 1537 · Panhandle, TX 79068 · Phone: 1-866-829-7353

SouthCross Farms is a producer of some of the finest horse quality hay available anywhere. The soils in the Panhandle of Texas provide excellent fertility for growth and feed value development. The climate provides high daytime temperatures for curing and good nighttime moisture for baling. Both a necessity if you are to get truly horse quality alfalfa hay bales.

All our fields are fertilized with natural composting cow manure, never any chemical fertilizers. Irrigated with center pivot sprinklers applying over 6 gallons per acre to insure the alfalfa plants are never stressed for lack of water. Weekly checks for pest and weed control by an independent agronomist to provide the best possible standing alfalfa for baling.
Fields are swathed and windrowed at the optimum time for maximum feed value retention. The hay is allowed to field cure to a moisture content below 15%. Only after adequate moisture returns in the form of humdity are the balers moved into the field and baling completed.
This diciplined approach is necessary to produce a bale with maximum leaf retention. 70% of an alfalfa plants nutrients are tied up in the leaves. Without attention to baling moisture and leaf retention you may get a green bale but you won't get a horse quality bale.

At SouthCross Farms we do our best to put up our alfalfa as small bale horse quality hay. Unfortunately mother nature does not always cooperate. When the weather does not allow us to bale hay that meets our exacting standards for horse quality, we put the hay up in large 3' x 4' x 8' square bales. This does not mean its not quality hay, it just is not hay we will sell for horses. If you are a cattle breeder or cow-calf operator give us a call. Our large squares make great winter forage. Our alfalfa's high protein content really helps those lactating mothers and mothers to be.
Our alfalfa makes it's way all around the state of Texas and the southeast U.S. Much of it goes to wild game ranches to promote good antler growth and good animal health. For these clients we bale large square horse quality hay on a custom order basis. Will be glad to quote you a price and bale up your required volume during our next cut.